Artist Interview with Sharkdick

Josh (a.k.a. Sharkdick) is a 28 year old Gold Coast-based artist specialising in the fine art of drawing dicks in all their glorious forms. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, he made the move to Queensland late 2017. With most people aspiring to become gym junkies/health guru’s/personal bloggers, his move to the Gold Coast gave birth to something else...

Joshs’ work is as much hilarious as it is crude, featuring dicks, monsters and gore with an 80's horror feel. If you don't get a laugh out of his artwork you’re either robot or a lobotomy patient. We had a chat to him to get into the mind of the creative genius and to find out how Sharkdick was born.


AF: How did you come up with the name Sharkdick?

SD: I drew a dick with sharks teeth and thought boom, sharkdick! Looked around on instagram when I was creating the account, there were a few other pages, but they looked abandoned so I thought fuck it here she goes.


AF: What's your creative process?

SD: When I started I was really into making the videos, I would think of a character or animal put a dick in there and put some background noise from a movie or something, anything that made me laugh. Now if I’ve got nothing in my mind I’ll just doodle until I come up with something.

AF: Where did the idea to combine dicks and art come from?

SD: I just did a lot of scribbles, heaps of those happened to have dicks in them, but the morning I did the first sharkdick you see on my page, I remember I was laying in bed and the Jaws music started running in my head, I saw a shark slowly panning along its body, getting to its head and it being a dick, I jumped out of bed and got it onto paper, added the music and that was the birth of sharkdick.


AF: What originally got you into art and drawing weird characters?

SD: I’ve always drawn here and there, I drew the design for my primary schools graduation t-shirt, but a few years ago bought a pad n pencils and just started doodling here n there, I was obsessed with cartoons my whole life so that probably helped somewhere.

AF: Superbad came to mind when I first came across your art. Was your passion for dick drawing sparked by that movie?

SD: Superbad is hilarious and those dicks are beautiful but like Jonah Hill says “like 8% of kids do it, it’s not that weird” I guess I fall into that 8% haha.

AF: Is there a particular emotion you try to evoke in the viewers mind?

SD: Making them laugh is pretty much the main goal I guess. 


AF: Your drawings seem to have a dark comedic twist, have any comedians had a big influence on your sense of humour?

SD: Lately I’ve been into Chris D’Elia, Joe Rogan, Bill Burr, havnt watched any of Bert Kreischer’s stand up but been watching his show “somethings burning”, when I was 18 stumbled onto a guy Pablo Francisco, check him out if you’re ever bored, but as for influence, me and my friends have a pretty dark sense of humour and say a lot of shit for shock value, I guess that’s where some of it comes from.

AF: Do you have a favourite piece of work you've created?

SD: Maybe the Monster Mash piece I did, just cos of how long I had it in my mind for, I been thinking about it for years, and the size of it, sent me cross eyed putting it all together.


AF: Who are your top 3 favourite artists, living or dead?

SD: That ones hard to say, @artofskinner is definitely up there, as for dudes I’ve found on instagram that I really enjoy seeing their new stuff I’d say @danger_stranger_art, @tallboy666 and @nonheinous

AF: How do you spend your time when you aren't drawing phallic art?

SD: Haha, I work full times as a tradesmen, and studying to get my builders license, it’s something to fall back on if this doesn’t work out but also getting in the way of my dick drawings.

AF: What music have you been listening to lately?

SD: Me and my girlfriend both had emo phases in high school so we listen to a lot of that haha, or if I’m at the gym I’ll listen to some metal/hardcore albums from when I was in high school, chasing that emo kid nostalgia haha.

AF: Favourite animated series?

SD: Mannnnn, hard one, Regular show might take the cake for that one, I love the thrash metal 80s extras in it. But a huge honourable mention would have to go to The Big Lez Show.

AF: What would you make if you were commissioned 1 mil to create a public art piece?

SD: Probably not a huge sharkdick at a beach somewhere haha, maybe something cool at a skatepark, a huge statue of a skeleton being a shredder, so the kids could look at it and get inspired to be a shredder too. 

AF: Are there any stories behind any of your pieces you can share?

SD: I’ll steer away from the comedic stuff for a minute, there’s one drawing I just started going for it without any idea of what I wanted to draw, at the end my mrs asked what it was, I said “it’s an ape that was tested on by scientists, when they didn’t like what they had created, they tried to kill it” that spoke in volumes to me at the time as a metaphor, I think a lot of people have an idea for who they want you to be, and aren’t very understanding when you just be yourself. 


AF: Name one of each: Favourite movie, book and band.

SD: Hard to say off the top of my head but “a place beyond the pines” I thought was a really good film. Of all the books they made us read in high school I really liked “the outsiders”. Let’s go with blink 182, the self titled album.

AF: Did you think Elon Musk smoking a blunt on Joe Rogan was a bad PR move?

SD: Personally I don’t think it’s a big deal, but when you hear him say he spoke infront of all the world leaders about the dangers of AI and no one listened, the last thing you probably wanna do is smoke something they’ve been trying to paint as a harmful psychoactive drug.

AF: Have you ever offended anyone with your artwork?

SD: Some kid called me childish haha but he followed me so who knows.


AF: Do you have any other side projects in the works you can tell us about?

SD: I’m currently trying to draw up some designs for shirts to wear to the gym, I think the gym gets a bad rep because of bro culture, so to put some funny shit for non-bro culture dudes (and chicks) to wear would be cool. Here’s a sneak peak.


AF: Would you consider making Sharkdick into an art exhibition?

SD: That’d be pretty sweet, maybe an audio visual thing, press buttons to hear noises while looking at pictures.

AF: Where would you like to travel to before you die?

SD: Time

AF: Are you involved in any other creative pursuits right now?

SD: Not really, me and a friend used to try do the band thing, but apparently beers for breakfast doesn’t make you good at your instruments.


AF: Have you considered digitalising or animating any of your characters?

SD: I just bought a laptop to do this, I’m a bit of a caveman though, so it might take a while.

AF: Do you plan on turning this project into a full time gig?

SD: Thats the dream.

Find more of sharkdick’s obscure art on his instagram @shark_dick