Artist Interview With Tobias Beech

Tobias Beech is a local rapper hailing from the small town of Beechmont, Queensland. He’s only been rapping since 2017 and has just released his first mixtape Beech Boy. We caught up with him for an interview to find out about his main music influences, song meanings on his latest mixtape and future plans for his music.

AF: Where did your passion for hip-hop originate from?

TB: It probably started when I was a kid and my step-dad bought me a Hilltop Hoods album, The Hard Road I think, ever since then I've always loved rap, hip-hop and most other music too


AF: When did you write your first lyrics?

TB: It would have been about a year and a half ago that I first started writing stuff down in my notes app, they were pretty terrible but I thought it was the best ever when I started

AF: How much of an influence does your hometown have on your music?

TB: Not too much really, there isn't really a music scene in Beechmont but in saying that there isn't much of anything in Beechmont haha, just how I love it

AF: When did you officially go from being a hip-hop consumer to a creator?

TB: 13th of December 2017, at least that's when I put my first piece of content out

AF: Can you tell us your song writing process?

TB: So for my real job I drive around most of the day and I'll either have a random beat playing or I'll just think of some cool lines and put them in my notes app. Then once I've found a beat I like, I'll make a chorus first and usually put the verses in second. I feel like if the chorus isn't dope, then I leave it and try a different beat

AF: Where do you get your inspiration to write new beats?

TB: Mostly from listening to other artists, I'll hear an interesting tone or subject and it will inspire me to write some bars

AF: What was the concept behind your cover art on your recently released mixtape, Beech Boy?

TB: I kind of wanted to give every side of myself because I feel each emotion is important and has a story to tell, but in short it's a reflection of the last 9 months. Through great times to being depressed and anxious, it's all there

AF: Which song on Beech Boy has the most meaning to you?

TB: Don't Stop Ft Millhouse, by far my favourite. I wrote that when I was going through a lot of feelings of anxiety and it's helped me so much

AF: Are there any interesting stories behind any of the songs?

TB: Probably behind every song, a few that stick out are Down. I was feeling super depressed when I wrote that first verse because my dad and I pretty much had our last words together before I decided to cut him out of my life.

And 5 More Mins, I wrote that right when I met my girlfriend and I wrote it in a day and recorded it that afternoon

AF: Do you have any concepts or ideas for music videos for any of the tracks?

TB: No not really, i've been making some new songs and i've been thinking more about what sort of videos I could make with them

AF: What was the biggest challenge or setback you went through while producing your mixtape?

TB: Probably the editing part of it, I do it all myself so I've been learning as I go along. I'm half decent now

AF: What was the most important thing you learned while producing your mixtape?

TB: Confidence, and that I want to make this music for me and if people like it too then that's great

AF: Who makes the beats for your tracks?

TB: I get all of my beats off of YouTube so there are different people for different tracks. I would love to start meeting beat makers

AF: How many people collaborated to produce Beech Boy?

TB: only Millhouse and Brhymer

AF: Do you have any plans to perform your music on stage?

TB: I'm talking to a guy I recently met that has offered me a gig next year on Australia day, so fingers crossed!

AF: What's your all-time favourite hip-hop album?

TB: that's hard, all time would have to be The Hard Road by Hilltop Hoods

AF: What other genres do you listen to besides hip-hop?

TB: Pop, Rock, anything that sounds good really

AF: How did you feel about Mac Miller's passing?

TB: It really hit me hard, when I was first writing down my rhymes he was one of the main people I was listening too. More recently I was going through heaps of anxiety and depression and his album Swimming spoke to me on a different level and really helped me cope with everything, no other music has ever helped me like that, so when I found out I was beyond devastated


AF: Which other rappers are you most inspired by?

TB: dam this will be a list, ok: Allday, Vince Staples, Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler the Creator, Hopsin, Logic, Eminem, Hilltop Hoods, Seth Sentry, 360, Chillinit, Wombat, Stormzy, Xxxtentation and a ton more I’ve forgot

AF: Where do you see the rap career taking you?

TB: I'm really not sure, I have hopes and dreams of one day having it as something I can do full time. But I'm not sure

AF: Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with?

TB: Probably Allday

AF: Favourite pair of kicks?

TB: haha impossible question, I have about 18 pairs of Nike's and Jordans so depends on how I feel

AF: Do you think the internet has had a mostly positive influence on the rap game?

TB: Definitely, it's really awesome to be able to reach out to other people

AF: What other hobbies fill your time when you're not writing rhymes?

TB: I like hanging out with my girlfriend, playing PS4 and listening to podcasts

AF: What's your opinion on the Australian hip-hop scene in comparison to the scene in America?

TB: It's definitely not as big here as over in the states but I think it's more tight knit

AF: Who's been your favourite guest on the No Jumper Podcast?

TB: Probably Action Bronson, I just love that dude

AF: Do you have a favourite underground Soundcloud rapper?

TB: Millhouse! For sure

AF: Lil Pump seems to be a polarising artist, what's your opinion on him and his music?

TB: It's definitely good music to pump you up (pun intended) he knows what he's doing and he's fun to watch. Esssket


AF: Which 3 rappers would you love to see collab on an album together?

TB: Allday, Jack Johnson and Tyler the Creator

AF: Who is your favourite and least favourite rapper on the scene at the moment?

TB: At the moment my favourite is Chillinit and I won't have a least favourite

AF: If you could fast forward 10 years into the future, where would you like to see yourself and your music career?

TB: Making a living from it would be cool, but as long as I feel like I'm making good music thats all I want

AF: What's in store for 2019?

TB: More songs, mixtapes, merch perhaps and playing some shows!

AF: Where can we find more of your music?

TB: I'm on SoundCloud, YouTube and Facebook

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